What are your labels and how did you get them?

Are they self-imposed or are you living up or down to the labels people have given you?

I was given so many labels as a child and decided that since that’s how the world saw me then I had to behave accordingly. Of course as a child I didn’t realize that those labels were only the perspective of people around me, not how I had to be or live.

The labels people give you and you give yourself are like cake pans and you are the batter. If you have any familiarity with baking then you know that the batter will take the shape of almost any pan you put it in and eventually harden in that shape.

What shape have you taken because of labels? Are they allowing you to live a happy fulfilled life, or a small, guarded existence? Unlike the clothing label that states factually what a garment is made from, you have the choice to create your own labels. Choose wisely.