Are you a good person?

Recently I was at dinner with a friend and she shared that she was interviewing her grandmother and one of her questions to her grandmother was ‘do you have any advice for your grandchildren?’ And her grandmother had one answer, be a good person.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, especially from people that are in the later years of their lives. The people that have lived the longest seem to realize that in the end once you strip away all the titles, money, awards and material possessions very little really matters except being a good person.

So what if you start off with the end in mind of being known as a good person? What if you made that your guiding light? How would you live your life? How would you priorities change? Would you behave differently?

Being a good person is a broad definition and can mean different things to people, however there are some key characteristics that most can agree on.  If being a good person is important to you then start working on the behavior that will result on you being a known as a good person.