Are you watching the Olympics? Even if you’re not I’m sure you’re at least aware that that they’re taking place. So many of the events that are part of the Olympics take a matter of seconds to execute yet the athletes have committed to training for years just to make an appearance. Can you imagine training for years for a less than 10 second activity? But that’s the kind of approach it takes to be world class.

Now you may not want to be a world class athlete but what if you want to be great at something else. What if you want to be excellent at your job, your relationships, or your life? Are you committed to being the best you can? Are you putting in the work to get better or are you just wanting ‘better’ to happen by itself?

The good news is that you can improve any area of your life if you really commit to it. Many of the athletes you see performing have full time jobs but find the time to commit to their craft and you can too. You don’t have to commit to hours all at once, just a few minutes a day will add up and can make a big difference. So be inspired by these individuals that have practiced for years for an activity that lasts less than a few seconds and commit to investing a few minutes in you for a skill that can last a lifetime.

“If you don’t invest time in you, then who will?” – Suriya