Have you ever had a dumb idea?

How did you know?

Did someone tell you or did you kill it before you shared it?

Are you familiar with the Chia Pet? It’s been generating about $8,000,000 in revenue per year for 30 years. Or the Snuggie, which has sold over 30 million units and has generated about $500 million in gross revenue?

At first glance both of these ideas may have seemed like dumb ideas but both have proven quite the opposite.

Your own worst enemy when it comes to ideas is you. If you’re like most then you probably hesitate in sharing your ideas because you fear looking inept, unqualified or even dumb. And the truth is that sometimes you will and that’s okay.

Learn to share your ideas more freely. Get in the practice of writing them down and exploring them a little further. Some of your ideas may truly sound dumb at first, but don’t forget that even the Pet Rock made $6 million in profits.