I came across this word about 10 years ago and it very quickly became one of my favorite words. Equanimity is the ability to remain calm and composed especially in difficult situations.

One of the keys to maintaining a state of equanimity is to deconstruct a situation that is causing you to be frustrated or angry, the ability to view the situation from the standpoint of an observer. One of the best times to practice equanimity is when you feel as though you are being verbally or emotionally attacked by an individual. Take a moment to breathe and step out of the situation. Don’t take their bait and allow them to get their hook in to you. If an individual does say something hurtful try to understand why rather than reacting and fueling their fire.

Maintaining a state of equanimity can apply to all areas of life since everything you engage in is a relationship between your mind and the situation. Allowing yourself to give pause to a situation or an event will give you the ability to maintain and even keel rather than being on an emotional rollercoaster.