I can hear you as you read this. Get a coach?

You’re probably thinking, you don’t need a coach because you don’t play a sport. But my friends, life is a sport, and it’s not a spectator sport. As long as you are here you are playing whether you like it or not. The real questions are, how well are you playing and how well do you want to play?

This post was inspired by a friend of mine who shared with me that he recently hired a tennis coach. One of the things I heard him say during our conversation was “I wish I had hired a coach sooner.’  The reason he wished he had hired a coach sooner was that he had seen a noticeable difference in his game after the first coaching session.

Now you may not want to improve in a sport but what about other areas of life. What if you want to be a better parent, spouse or leader? What would even a slight improvement in any of these areas of your life look like?

Getting a coach is probably the best way to improve because you can receive almost immediate feedback and make changes accordingly. But, if you don’t want to get a coach at least find role models or mentors that you can learn from. Remember, the difference between a good life and a great life can almost always be attributed to few small changes being made on a consistent basis.