Today is a perfect day to give something away.

The key is not to give away something you don’t want or don’t like but something you are attached to. Trust me; you’ll be just fine after you give it away. In fact you’ll probably feel better. The act of being able to give away something you’re attached to is the sign of an abundant mindset. It signals to your brain that you have enough and can always get more.

Here are some things that you can give away today.

Money is the most obvious one that people think of. So donate today.

Go through your closet and give away clothes that you would wear again, not something you don’t want.

Donate food. Not the cheapest can food you can buy, but again something you would like to eat.

Give away your time. This of course is your most precious resource since you can’t get it back once it’s gone. And I know you’re extremely busy, but giving away an hour of your time today or this weekend will probably not make a huge difference in your life, except that you’ll feel good.

Research has shown that the ability to give actually increases the givers happiness and in some studies it even increases overall well-being. So, go out today and make yourself happy and healthy by giving.