Have you ever tried getting in shape?

Or, have you ever tried your hand at growing a plant?

At first glance these two activities might not seem to have anything in common, but they do.

You see, the good news is that you can start to get in shape or grow a plant, but the bad news is that you can never stop, because if you stop then it’s over. You will very quickly be out of shape and the plant will die.

Any endeavor you set out on has impermanence built into it. Whether it’s a relationship you’re trying to cultivate or grow a business, both require continuous attention.

There is always a level of excitement that comes with starting something new and never a shortage people encouraging you to do so. However, keep in mind that although many have spoken about the difficulty of starting something, very few share just how much effort is required to keep going.

So the next time you’re thinking about starting a new project remember the good news, bad news equation, because your first step will be followed by a million more.