I recently had an email exchange with an individual regarding happy new and the usual pleasantries that are exchanged this time of year. One of the comments she made was ‘I hope the New Year brings new opportunities.’ My response to her was‘ how about you go out and look for opportunities and maybe the new year will meet you half way.’  Her email made me realize just how many of us often do rely on hope whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, although hoping is not a bad thing it does put us in a position of relying on external factors to deliver to us what we want and desire.

The dictionary defines hope as an expectation and desire for certain things to happen. Hope can give us energy and does allow us to cast a vision of how we would like our future to look and can do wonders for our psyche when in times of doubt and fear.  Hoping is not a negative in itself but must be supported by a strategy and actionable steps as a supporting cast.  So continue to have hope, just don’t forget to take action too.