I strongly disagree with what you said!

Let me rephrase.

I vehemently disagree with you!

I emphatically disagree with you!

What do you mean, let you finish!

I already know I don’t like what you’re going to say.

No! I won’t give you chance to share your thoughts or ideas.

Yes, I know you just started to speak but it doesn’t matter.

I’ve already decided you’re wrong.

No! I don’t need more time to think about it. In my mind seconds are like hours.

In fact, my response is chambered and ready to go before you even open your mouth.

…Why don’t you talk to me anymore?

If any of this sounds familiar then you might be suffering from a disease known as Closed Mindedness.

Fortunately for you there is a cure and the cure doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone. It does mean giving people the opportunity to share their thoughts and allowing yourself time to process what you hear. Who knows, your actions might prompt them to listen to you too.