Do you ever find yourself saying ‘I wish someone would, build this, fix that…fill in the blank?’

Can you imagine if the Wright brothers, Henry Ford or Steve Jobs would have asked the same question? Where would the world be today?

It’s easy to fall in to a pattern of wanting others build products or invent things to solve problems that you encounter. But what if you took matters in to your own hands?

If you’re experiencing a continuous problem in your life with an existing product or service then there’s a great chance that others too are feeling the same. So why not try to fix or improve it?

You’re probably hesitant because you believe you’re not an expert or don’t have the right qualifications or education, and that might technically be true but that shouldn’t stop you from trying or at least investigating.

Generating ideas of how to improve and invent things is also a great exercise for your brain. It doesn’t matter if all you have are bad ideas because almost everything you see around you started either as a bad idea or an idea someone ridiculed or didn’t understand.

So the next time you see or feel that there could be a better way to do something don’t wish or wait for someone else to do it, try to do it yourself. And don’t worry if all you can do at first is write down what you think is a better way, because many of the great ideas you see around you started the same way.