How do you see yourself and how do others see you?

The answers to these questions essentially define your identity. But, what if how you see yourself and how others see you are not in alignment. Even more important is, what if you want to change who you are but those that are most familiar with you refuse to see you as the person you want to become?

As humans it is easier for us to process the world when we are able to put labels or names to things, and this applies to people too. Mother, father, daughter, son, friend, boss etc. allow us to categorize the people in our lives so our brains can continue to process other information. So when people see you a certain way it’s because it helps them better navigate their world.

Fighting back against how people see you is a losing proposition. It’s a battle that really not worth your time or energy. If they are going to change how they see you then it’s something that they have to come to terms with. The best way to deal with it is that you have to act according to how you see yourself allow them to be themselves.