What would your day look like if nothing bothered you? If nothing triggered feelings of anger, anxiety or misery?

Do you believe that you can have such a day?

Hopefully you’re hesitant to believe that you can have such a day. Because that means there’s at least a chance it’s possible.

What if you can’t do it for a day? What about an hour or a minute? Is that possible?

I know, I know, you have to think about it. Because you have to go through your list of what if’s.

What if your kids don’t behave?

What if your spouse doesn’t say the right things?

What if your co-workers, employees, employer…?

What about the traffic?

What about…?

And after going through the different scenarios you might decide that I’m being unreasonable.

Perhaps I am being unreasonable. But so what?

What if it’s time to be a little unreasonable?

Greatness and magic takes place beyond reason.

So just for today, or this next hour, commit to not letting anything move you towards anger, anxiety or misery, and live with being unreasonable.