You’re probably familiar with motivational speaking, but the real power lies in motivational thinking.

The question is, why is motivational thinking important and how does it apply to you?

Well, it doesn’t apply to you if you’re okay with where you’re at in all areas of life.

However, if you want to even improve incrementally in any area whether professionally or personally then you will need motivation in order to be successful.

Motivation comes from having a purpose because purpose is the reason, essentially the ‘why’ that drives you to take action. And defining your purpose is the key to staying motivated, especially when things aren’t going as planned.

One of the best ways to define your purpose is to write down a list of reasons that answer the ‘why’ question. For example

Why do you want to be healthier?

Why do you want a better relationship with your spouse?

Why do you want to be a better professional?

Once you have your list of reasons read them daily. Reading them every day will allow you to keep them top of mind and this is extremely important. Consider them to be the ‘turn by turn’ directions for your thoughts. If you don’t keep them front and center then very quickly you will find yourself going off track.