Turn off all your notifications today for an hour.

No text, email, calls, nothing that can interrupt you for an hour. In fact, if you’re brave enough you can even turn your phone off. If you feel the need to let loved ones or co-workers know that you’re going to be doing this then go ahead and tell them, otherwise just try it.

Studies show that he average American can’t go five minutes without checking their phones. The addiction to the buzz, bing, vibrate and the little red badges are constantly breaking your thought patterns.

Turing off or ignoring notifications will be hard at first because you are physically addicted and do get a bump of the brain chemical dopamine every time you get a notification.  So, if starting with an hour is hard then start with 10 minutes today and set a goal to eventually get to an hour.  Free up space in your mind to allow yourself to once again experience full and complete thought patterns.