What are your problems and how are you looking at them?

Do you view them as temporary obstacles or as permanent?

How you view your problems will make all the difference in how you deal with them.

According to the dictionary one definition for the word ‘problem’ is any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty. This actually just sounds like life in general, essentially the human condition.

The good news is that everyone has their own set of problems; the bad news is that there is no one right way to deal with them. However, there are techniques you can use that might give you a better perspective.

All of your problems can be categorized under the following headings-




Spiritual/emotional well being

Take a piece of paper and write out your problems under the appropriate headings. Once you see them on paper you might notice that they’re not a daunting as they are in your mind and if you approach them logically then there’s a chance you can actually begin to see solutions for them.

Remember, everyone you encounter has their own set of problems and I can almost guarantee that you’d rather have your set of known problems than those of others.