What are you willing to sacrifice for what you want?

If you’re going to change any area of your life you must be willing to sacrifice your current state. The sooner you realize this and come to terms with it the easier it will be. So you have to ask yourself, what am I willing to do to be who I want to be?

Are you willing to sacrifice your desire for decadent food for good health?

Are you willing to sacrifice socializing in order to improve a personal relationship?

Are you willing to sacrifice your comfort zone in order to accomplish a new goal?

We often see the end result of those we admire in our lives but we very rarely have any idea of the sacrifices they have made. There will almost always be some sort of sacrifice in order for there to be progress. Writing down what you will be giving up in order to achieve what you want is a great way to help you decide if you really do want to make the sacrifice.