Embrace your quiet time. Being constantly ‘on’ doesn’t give you the opportunity to really think and connect with your true self. Many people fear silence because it allows their minds to wander and their fears begin to percolate. Some feel unproductive, lazy and even lonely when they are in silence.

Actively scheduling time for silence and using the time for introspection, meditation, prayer and thinking allows you to consciously cultivate your mind. I recently heard a CEO of a fortune 1000 company share how he schedules two days a week of thinking time on this calendar. He said that inevitably due to urgent matters in the business one of his two days gets taken but at least he is left with one day to think about how he wants to guide his company.

Spend some quiet time with yourself this week and let your thoughts guide you. Keep a pen and paper handy during your silent time and write down some of the things you think about. You might be surprised to see what your mind is thinking about when you pay attention.