How much stuff do you need?

Is your closest overflowing with clothes you haven’t worn in years?

Do you have cabinets so full that you don’t even remember what’s in them?

Why? Why do you do this? Is it because you might wear them one or might need something from one of those cabinets?

Everything you own owns a piece of you. You have traded time, money and thought for everything you own. So take a look around your home and think about how much you have really spent and if it was worth the trade off.

The continuous accumulation of stuff has also been correlated with a scarcity mindset. A mindset of what if you need it one day?  Or, what if you miss the opportunity to acquire it again? Neither one of these questions allow you to feel fulfilled or content.

So the next time you are considering adding to your existing stuff, take moment to ask how much value is this item really going to add to my life. And perhaps consider trading or getting rid of some stuff before you bring new stuff home.