Who have you given your power to?

Who has the ability to irritate and aggravate you?

Why did you give them the power to do so?

No one can upset you or rattle you unless you let them. Yes, I know this is a bold statement but it is the truth. The ability to control how you respond to the behavior of others is or at least can be in your control.

Learning to control how you feel does take practice because you have been taught over time that it’s okay to blame other people for how you feel. You’ve heard a life time of ‘oh he made me so mad, or she’s really irritating,’ and these statements have played their part in teaching you that your emotions are tied to how others behave towards you.

Try something novel today. If you find yourself getting upset or angry about something just stop for a moment and smile. You might feel a little silly at first, but this one small act will change your entire physiology. It will give you the opportunity to realize that you do have the ability to take back control of your emotions.