Are you familiar with the phrase ‘first mover advantage?’

Essentially what it means is that if you have a product or service and are first to market it with then you have an advantage because you have little or no competition.

There’s also a ‘second mover advantage’ which you might have heard of. In this case you get to learn from the market leader, copy what they did well and beat them at their own game. It’s also known as the second mouse gets the cheese because the first mouse got smacked by the mousetrap.

And yes, there’s even a ‘last mover advantage.’ This is where there have been so many improvements that the last mover can take advantage of all the combined learnings and save time and money from avoiding the mistakes that the first and second movers have committed.

However, there is not a ‘no mover advantage.’ And you might think this is obvious, but how much are you moving towards what you want?

Are you actively taking steps physically and mentally to gain your advantage or are you sitting, stagnant, waiting?

Start moving today towards the life you want. Make a plan and work on it. Move, move, move and you’ll see the advantages come your way.