Have you heard of the voice?

No, not the TV show, but the voice inside your head that is always talking to you. It’s the one telling you what to do and sometimes pretending to be your friend and keeping you safe. Yes, it’s often pretending to keep you safe.

Have you ever heard the voice say, don’t ask a question because you might look stupid?

Only then to hear a co-worker ask the same question and get praised for it. And then the voice says “you should have asked that question.”

Has the voice ever told you not to ask for business because you’ll look desperate?

Only then to see a lead or prospect work with someone else. And then the voice says “oh, you didn’t want to be too pushy because it would jeopardize your relationship.”

Has the voice told you that your idea will not work?

Only then to see someone else become a millionaire by executing almost the same idea as you had. And then the voice says “maybe you should have tried?”

What else has the voice prevented you from doing?

The unfortunate thing is that you’ll never know, because you listened to the voice. Next time you hear the voice telling you not to do something, really question its motivation. Is it trying to keep you safe or is it really just preventing you from moving forward?