What would you do if you could spend your time today doing anything you wanted to?

If you had no demands on your time from work or family obligations what would you do today? Indulge me for a minute and think about it.

Those of you that did spend a minute thinking about it will experience a slight yet beneficial boost in your mood and energy levels. And those of you that didn’t play along should really ask yourselves, why not?

After all, I only asked you to commit a minute of your time to think about something that would make you happy and is important to you.

If you cannot commit to 60 seconds to think about what you would like to do with your time then it really is time to re-evaluate your life. Because, any real inspiration you feel in your life is going to be based on you thinking about how you want to spend your time.

I know that deep down you want your time and ultimately your life to matter, because most people do. So please do take that minute I asked for earlier to think about what you would do with your time because at the root of those thoughts you will find what matters to you.