What’s 2 +2?

100 + 100?

It’s about to get harder.



When you see a person behaving a certain way, all you see is the 1 in the equation. The X represents a set of unknowns, the X represents their unique experiences that are driving them to make decisions they believe to be correct.

It’s easy to assume you know why a person is acting the way they are, but what about when it comes to you?

How do you feel when someone makes an assumption about your behavior because that’s all they see in the moment?

Every individual is a complex decision making machine and it’s almost impossible to know why people really do what they do, so ruminating about why a person is acting the way they are is a waste of your imagination.

Remember, the person next to you is just as complicated as you and they are ultimately acting in a way they believe is best for them, as you are too.