How much time do you spend thinking about people that lived 100 years ago?

What about family members that lived a couple of generations ago?

Are you aware of anything they did?

We as humans have a tendency to think that what we are doing today is very important but in 100 years it will be forgotten. Yes, there are a handful of people that are studied in history books, but generally speaking almost everyone is eventually forgotten.

There’s a theory that humans are always looking for meaning and the idea of how we will be remembered provides some justification for our existence.

Now I’m not saying that what you do in your life doesn’t matter, but I am suggesting that perhaps we should consider how seriously we should take ourselves while we are here.

You can strive to be remembered like the individuals in the history books but in the grand scheme of time hardly anything you do will matter. So spend less time worrying about what you do and more time enjoying your time here.