Are you familiar with Quality Assurance testing?

The job of a QA tester is find flaws in physical products or bugs in software. They are given a set of performance guidelines which they compare the product with to see if it meets the designer’s intentions.  They then report any flaws so that only the most perfect version of the product can be sold to the end user

Do you ever find yourself QA testing life?

Constantly looking for flaws in individuals or seeing what’s wrong instead of what’s right?

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, life and people are unlike manufactured products, because flaws are part of the package. There are no pre-set guidelines and you don’t know the intentions of the designer.

So if you want to QA life then by all means do so, but I suggest you look for what’s working instead of what’s not. Because the truth is that you don’t know what’s not working since there is no perfect version to compare it to.