About the Book

This book is for you from me. It’s not a book that’s designed to be read from cover to cover, it’s more of a conversation. You can move around the book as you wish as there is no real beginning or ending.

There are times when you’re hungry for a meal and times when all you need is a snack, this book is that snack. The most frequent feedback I’ve received from the readers of my blog is that my posts serve as a small reminder about what’s important or a quick dose of motivation to start their day. The posts are quickly digestible, ‘snackable.’

There are 104 posts, 2 for each week of the year. Designed so that after each post you can capture your thoughts about what you read, any action you were inspired to take and what you learned after your action.

This book is for you to keep and reflect back on in the future. It’s for you, from me.