When was the last time someone doubted your ability to do something?

Was that ‘someone’ you?

And what did you do after you felt the doubt?

Driving through your own doubt is one of the hardest things you can do. However, with practice you can learn to do so. So many people kill brilliant thoughts and ideas in their heads because they allow their own doubt to hold them back. They project their own thoughts and concerns on to others and draw conclusions before they actually share their ideas.

We all suffer from doubt because our ideas are tied to our identity and we want to do everything we can to protect it. Even as I type this I’m thinking ‘what if it’s not good and you don’t like it?’ But I’ve decided that I’ll let you tell me that and not just keep the idea in my head.

Letting the market or individuals question or even reject your ideas is a difficult habit to form but well worth the effort. As with any other new behavior, start small and in good company. Share ideas with people you feel safe around and see how they react.  Put your doubt on pause and at least give your thoughts and ideas a chance to get out in to the world.