Your imagination can change your world if you let it. Your imagination is so powerful that you can conjure up worlds or events that have never existed. It has the ability to make you feel on sensory level things that have never happened to you. It is also a tool that you can use to move you and create change in your life.

When we think about imaginary worlds or friends we often think about children playing games, but what should realize is that what the children are actually doing is seeing endless possibilities. They’re losing themselves in their minds. As grownups we’ve forgotten the pleasure of letting our imagination run wild. We’ve forgotten about the possibilities.

Today I challenge you to take some time and use your imagination. Imagine thoughts that will make you smile. Imagine events that give you feelings of joy. Your imagination sits outside of your five senses yet studies have shown that imagining an event can stimulate all of your senses. So why not use the magic of your imagination to make yourself feel good.