I’ll love you only if…

Does this sound familiar? Even if you’ve never said it out loud, have you thought it?

Do you hold your love as a bargaining chip that you only share when people do things you want them to do, or only things that please you?

Loving unconditionally is not the same as trusting unconditionally or is it about being a ‘soft’ and allowing people to take advantage of you. It is about not expecting and just sharing a piece of you without attaching conditions.

Unconditional love is about being at peace with yourself despite the actions of others. It’s also about you not having an agenda for another person.

Unconditional love doesn’t come easy because it’s a direct challenge to your ego. It’s a constant battle between how the world is versus how you think the world should be.

The secret is that unconditional love is freeing. It allows you to be at peace regardless of what is going on around you. It’s one of the few things you can control.

Try loving unconditionally for just one day. In all your interactions throughout the day just let people be who they are, send them thoughts of love and notice how it makes you feel. But be careful, you might enjoy it and then people will have to adapt to the new version of you.