How open are you to learning?

Learning about how to do your job better, to be a better spouse, parent or a better person overall.

Do you shun learning because you already believe you’re good enough or an expert in your area of life?

Do you catch yourself saying, “I already know how to do that?”

The danger in thinking that you already know how to do something is that you don’t leave yourself open to improvement. You continue to do what you know how to do based on old information while the world around you is constantly changing. There are new techniques being created every day for every skill you can imagine, but you won’t seek them out because you’re fixed in your mindset.

True masters or experts know that even the fundamentals in area of life can be improved upon and this is what makes them experts.

They know that even though they have a high degree of skill it can always be improved.

Try an experiment this week.

Choose an area in your professional or personal life and do some research on Amazon on the number of books about that specific topic. You’ll probably find books about your topic that were written a long time ago and also new books based on new research. Hopefully when you see the search results you’ll realize that what you know is only the beginning and there’s always more to learn