What is the most overwhelming thing you’re doing right now?

Is it parenting, working, studying, being a spouse, trying to lose weight?

Is it all of the above and more?

If it’s really that overwhelming then stop doing it right now.

There you go, you’re off the hook. Does life feel better now?

Or do you think I’ve lost my mind?

Well maybe I have. But stick with me for a minute.

At any one time you have an entire jumbled mess of things going on in your mind so what you’re experiencing is overload. And when you are overloaded everything seems difficult because your mind can’t think clearly.

One way to alleviate the feeling of overwhelm is practicing not being in all modes at one time. This doesn’t mean that you can stop being a parent, spouse or stop studying etc. it just means that you learn to switch between modes, even for a brief period of time.

The best way to start dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed is by stopping, even if it’s just for a few moments.  To re-center yourself and on the role or task at hand and ask yourself what is important right now and only focus on that.