Do you like the idea of being happy?

Do you like the idea of being healthy or the idea of being wealthy?

The idea of being in a relationship or any other endeavor?

I was taking a walk yesterday morning and saw a man walking a large black and white Old English sheepdog. Now if you’ve ever seen one of these dogs you know that they are beautiful and for a quick minute my mind wandered to the idea of owning such a dog. But very quickly I realized that I liked the idea, but not the work and maintenance that’s required in owning one.

Falling in to the trap of liking the idea of something is very easy to do because your mind rushes to the end product, the picture of how your life would look. And there’s nothing wrong with imagining how you want your life to look. In fact it’s the starting point of all great journeys.

The key is to realize that every end product, every idea and dream realized is going to take a lot of work and very often more work than you realized. It’s going to take work to start, to continue and to maintain and just liking the ‘idea of’ will not get you there