How do you escape from an invisible cage?

If you can’t see it then how do you know it exists?

Well, there’s proof it does exist.

And the proof is in the feeling you get when you hear the little voice in your head say “what will they think?”

Does it sound familiar?

If you listen carefully you can hear it right now.

It’s warming up for the day, just waiting for you to think about doing something. That’s right, you just have to think about doing something and the voice will jump in to action.

You will hear it in its full authority.

“You’re going to wear that?’ “What will they think?”

“You’re going say that?” “What will they think?”

“You’re going to do that?” “What will they think?”

And over time each time the voice says “what will they think?” another bar of the invisible cage will seal your fate. Until finally your entire existence will be based on ‘what will they think.’

And one day you’ll wake up and realize they weren’t thinking about you at all, because they were too busy thinking about themselves and what you think about them.