You are ignorant!

There, I said it. Now before you begin to shower me with profanities, let me explain.

But before I explain I ask, do you know the real meaning of the word ignorant?

Do you know at its core the meaning of ignorant is lacking in knowledge or training?

Children are ignorant and it’s often been said that ignorance is bliss. So why then the negative feelings around ignorance?

I’ll tell you why. Because you don’t want people to know, that you don’t know. But you can’t know everything, can you?

Admitting to being ignorant is a fantastic place to be because you can only go up from there. In fact being a ‘know it all’ is the worst place to be because then you have no room, motivation or desire to grow.

So, wear your ignorance proudly and use it to your advantage. Admit when you don’t know about something and use your ignorance as a spring board of opportunity to learn and explore. Soon enough the know it alls will wish they were as ignorant as you.