Lights, camera, freeze! Anyone that is even slightly familiar with the movie business knows that the preceding statement should be lights, cameras, action. The key word in the phrase is Action! I was speaking to a friend yesterday about a project he was thinking about working on and he told me about all the research he was doing for the project. My question was, have you actually done anything?

So many of us get to the point of actually doing the thing we need to or want to do and then we freeze because we are worried about screwing it up or failing or looking bad. All of these are legitimate thoughts but they are also the thoughts that hold us back from doing so much. The truth is that the first time you try something the chances are very high that you’ll be bad at it.

A term often used in the military is ‘embrace the suck.’ If you can move yourself to getting comfortable and curious about why you are bad at something you can then use it as a tool to get better and take more action.

Commit yourself today to taking one small action towards something you’ve been thinking about doing for a while and see what you can learn.