Do you know the great secret behind baby steps?

They actually work.

You see, when a baby is able to successfully take a step or two it builds confidence which then leads to steps three and four.

Fortunately this works for adults too.

The problem with adults is that they think baby steps are beneath them, so they don’t take them.

Instead they jump right in thinking they can do any activity or skill at an ‘adult’ level, only to quickly realize they can’t and so they quit.

Then there are also the embarrassment and ego factors that come in to play. Embarrassment from having to start at the beginning and ego saying you should be better than this.

If you can put aside embarrassment and ego and work on taking baby steps in any new endeavor you’ll very quickly realize how powerful they are.

Your confidence will begin to grow as you get better and there might even come a time when you’ll be able to skip a step or two.

So take a baby step today towards something you want to improve or start anew. Remember, you were once an expert baby, so put that experience to use again.