What messages and ideas do you allow in to your mind under the guise of entertainment?

Do you allow bad ideas and negative thoughts to slip by your common sense because you’re being entertained?

What if just one of the bad ideas you’re being entertained by plants itself in your mind and now it becomes your idea and dictates how you behave?

Studies have shown that watching violent movies does make some people more aggressive than others. The problem is that you don’t know if you’re one of those people.

Violence is just one example of a negative behavior. What if you learn to be ruthless, vengeful, or deceitful just because of the entertainment you expose yourself to?

Children are the most vulnerable when exposed to entertainment because they have not learned to discern reality from fiction, but adults too can be influenced by the entertainment they expose themselves to.

Carefully curate the entertainment you allow to enter your mind, because you might not know until it’s too late what thoughts and ideas will take root and become a part of your identity.