Just over a year ago I started to sign off on my emails with ‘Intentionally Raj.’ Admittedly at first I was a little nervous about doing this because I was concerned about how it would look in the ‘professional’ world, but I did it anyway. I’ve received a few comments regarding this sign off and interestingly enough a couple of people have said they too will use it in their emails.

Being intentional in life is what allows me to mute so many of life’s distractions and focus on what is important. I feel that so many of us spend our days on autopilot, following in the same manner that we have done for years without thinking about what we are doing.

The idea of intentionally doing something means that you are doing it deliberately and with a purpose. Intentionally, means consciously taking action, thinking about it. I’m not suggesting that you have to apply this thinking to everything you do but if you start by applying it to some of your small daily tasks then eventually you can apply intentional thinking to some of your larger life goals.

Next time before you write an email, purchase something non-essential, make a phone call, take a particular route driving somewhere, spend a few moments asking yourself why am I doing this?

Taking these few moments of intentional thinking will begin to give you greater sense of control and move you towards an intentional life.