Have you ever worked on a puzzle only to realize that some pieces are missing?

That’s essentially how life is.

When you were born you were given a certain number of pieces like your gender, your parents, where you were born, and perhaps a few others but the rest of the pieces are missing. And it’s now up to you to find or make the rest of the pieces.

It’s up to you to determine what you want the picture your life to look like and then get to work making it a reality.

It’s up to you to find the resources and develop the skills you need to complete the puzzle.

You might wish that you had all the pieces up front but that would mean that everything in your life would have been pre-determined and you wouldn’t have the opportunity to create your own.

The missing pieces of your life are the ones where you get to choose what you want and how you want your life puzzle to look when it’s finished.

P.S. Today is very special to me because my blog just passed 50,000 words. To put that in to perspective the Great Gatsby novel is 50,061 words.

I sincerely appreciate all your kind words and your support as I continue on the is journey.