Reality is almost never how you imagined it would be.

You probably have this idea in your head about how your life should be. A version of life that is stitched together with highlight reels of your dreams and thoughts, a version of how things ought to be.

The thing is that your brain is wired to propel you to a better future. Regardless of if you openly admit to it or not you are an eternal optimist, and that’s a good thing. You see it’s this vision of a better future that keeps you moving forward. It’s your brains survival method.

The challenge is how do you reconcile what you imagined and what actually is. How do you maintain a sense of peace knowing that there will always be the parallel existence of what you imagined and what really is? Take solace in knowing that there is no perfect version of life. There will be times when you will be in awe of how great your life is and also times when you will have to be content with how things are.

Don’t stop using your imagination to drive your life forward and create in your mind the world you want to live in. It might not turn out exactly as you imagined, but just imagine if it turned out better.