Those of you that have been following my blog know that earlier this week I had written about the passing of a family member. Both the funeral and the wake were yesterday and my day didn’t end until about 11:30pm last night. As I was falling asleep I thought to myself, you can sleep in tomorrow and put off writing your blog for the day. There it was! in my moment of weakness an excuse reared its ugly head.

It’s when we are tired, frustrated, hungry, sad or any other moment of weakness that the excuses appear to lead us astray.

Skip writing today

Have one more drink

Sleep in a little longer

It’s too cold to go to the gym

The best excuses are ones that nobody else can hold you accountable for. But they’re also the worst because you know that you didn’t live to your own commitment. Over time these small excuses chip away at your own psyche and eventually you begin to lose faith in your own ability to commit.

So this morning even though I am tired I will have my one small win and I hope you find a way to have your small win for the day too.