What do you think of when you hear the word practice? Do you think of athletes, musicians, perhaps religion or some other activity that requires repeated attention in order to improve? And you would be correct, but what about you? What do you practice?

When you see an athlete or performer practicing they are engaging in an intentional activity to improve their ability to perform. The same applies to you except you’re usually thinking or doing without being intentional, because it’s just how you are. Or is it?

When an athlete sees that something is no longer working for them they work to change to it, they practice something new. What about you?

Every behavior you perform on a regular basis regardless of it being positive or negative is a practice. It’s just that you don’t view it as practice or re-affirming, you just see it as who you are. The reason the athlete is motivated to change their behavior and practice something new is because their livelihood depends on it. The same should apply to you too, because ultimately your life depends on it.