Why did you get out of bed this morning?

Besides the obvious reasons, family, work or other obligations do you have a bigger reason? Having a purpose can fulfill a part of life that family, friends or material goods can’t touch. Having a purpose can fill the gaps.

For most people finding a purpose is the biggest challenge, or they think that a purpose needs to be permanent or only one thing for their entire life, which is not true. Finding a purpose does require some introspection. Taking time to ask yourself what you would love to do, or what in the world you would like to change and then ask yourself how I can be involved. And then when you think you have an answer, take a small action steps as soon as you can to test your answer.

Some people are fortunate to have one purpose for their entire lives but for most as you age your purpose in life might change and that’s okay too. The thing to realize is that purpose is something that comes from within, it should always be based on what is important to you.