Make time to share your knowledge. Mentoring whether in an official or unofficial capacity can be one of the most fulfilling activities you can ever do. Maybe you don’t realize just how much experience or knowledge you have gained over the years and how helpful that knowledge can be to others. You might experience doubt or question your expertise in a particular area and think that others already know what you do, and this might be true about factual information. But, your perspective is unique and this is where you can be extremely helpful.

Sharing what you know also helps you because it makes you to think clearly in order to communicate your knowledge effectively. Keep in mind there is an important distinction between sharing your knowledge and giving advice. When you are sharing your knowledge you are conveying what you have experienced and not trying to tell the other person what they should do.

Sharing your knowledge stems from an abundant mindset. It is a very powerful frame of mind when you can share your knowledge freely without being concerned that someone will now know what you do. Remember, many of the greatest teachers and masters overtime were not those that hoarded their knowledge but those that gave away all they knew.