Do you have a stop doing list?

Many people have a’ to do list,’ but not many have a stop doing list. This list could include habits you don’t like, over committing your time, perhaps an attitude change towards people or situations.

Here are some ideas for a stop doing list.

Stop saying yes to every request of your time.

Stop over indulging in food and/or alcohol.

Stop making excuses for things you want to do.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop reacting to every text, email, notification and respond on your own time.

Stop complaining about things you can’t change. E.g. The weather, the news, the economy, other people etc.

Stop limiting yourself just because you don’t want to stand out.

Stop comparing your life, business, and relationships to others.

Consuming yourself in your to do’s does not give you the opportunity to focus on your not to do’s. And very often it’s the things you should stop doing that are holding you back. So give yourself sometime this week and focus on one thing you want to stop doing.