Do you ever just want to be done with something, but you haven’t even started it yet?

Do you imagine the end of a project, a goal reached, something important finally completed but you haven’t taken the first step to doing so?

We all want feel that sense of accomplishment, but we can’t until we start.

The reason the end comes after the beginning is because that is the natural order of things. You have to go from 1 to 2, and 2 is twice as much as 1 so the effort required to getting there is also twice as much.  But sometimes when you take the first step the sheer momentum can sometimes carry you forward to the next step.

Sometimes your small steps will seem trivial and small, almost as if they are half steps, but the compound effect of your small steps will accumulate over time. Take a half step today towards one of your goals or projects that you’ve been thinking about doing. You might feel a little unnatural or even scared at first but the minute you take your first step you will no longer be the person you were yesterday.