You might recognize the title of this post as the gardener’s manifesto; however these are the same steps you need to take if you want to achieve any large goal or change in your life.

Weed. Once you set out on a journey to accomplish anything you will start to doubt yourself and if you make your goal public then you will have others doubt and question your ability too. You will need to constantly remove the weeds of self-doubt from your mind because if you don’t then they will very quickly take over.

Water. This is the life force, the nourishment that you will have to actively seek out to grow your mind. Water is the resources, people, books, information etc. that you will need to apply on a consistent basis in order to create change and achieve your goals.

Wait. This is patience you will need to have as you are on your journey. You see huge trees around you every day but do you ever see them grow? The magic of the tree happens from the inside out and this applies to you too. The magic of change will happen in your mind first and then it will manifest itself in your life.

Repeat. If you’re committed to achieving your goal then you will need to perform these steps on a continuous basis, and you can’t skip anyone of them.

Learn to apply the gardener’s manifesto as it is a simple yet effective tool to create the change you want in your life.