Whether you realize it or not you are your own billboard.

Whenever you interact with another person your face and body language convey how you are feeling and in many cases even what you are thinking.

Experts in the field of communication say that 60% of communication is non-verbal.

If that really is the case then what do people see when they interact with you? What message is your face and body projecting?

Do people see you as confident and approachable or do you look cold and uninterested?

One of the best ways to improve how others see you is to practice displaying positive emotions throughout the day.  Learn how you look and feel when you display joy, happiness and confidence with your expressions and body language. Once you’ve practiced in private then experiment in public. During a meeting or interaction consciously change your facial expression or body language to reflect a positive emotion and see what happens.

The best thing about using your body as a billboard to convey positive emotions is that it not only helps you but can also lift up people around you.