Do you believe that you have to behave the way you do?

That you have to respond and react the way you do? And that there’s no other way for you?

Do you have to yell at your spouse or children when you are upset?

Do you have to eat the unhealthy food because it’s there in front of you?

Do you have to check your email or social media one more time just in case you miss something?

Do you have to have wander aimlessly through life being the victim of your circumstances?

Do you have to…fill in your own have to.

If you believe that you have to do any of the items above then you fallen in to a trap. Because everything you see listed there is something you learned to do. At some point in your life you adopted a mindset or a behavior because you thought this is how I need to behave. But you don’t have to. You choose to.

If you want to act a certain way then at least own the behavior and don’t blame it on have to. And when you do step up and own your behavior is when you have the opportunity to change it… if you choose to, but you don’t have to.